Videos and Animations of Several Unreleased Emotes in Fortnite Have Been Leaked

by Albert Petrosyan


Data miners have found and leaked videos of several emotes that are coming soon to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

This comes after the names, logos, and rarities of these emotes were initially leaked shortly after the recent launch of the v4.5 update on June 27th.


As is usually the case after a major game update, data miners will sift through new game files and look for any new cosmetic or in-game items that have not yet been officially released.

This new set of leaks is courtesy of a cosmetic item database called 'Skin Tracker' and news outlet 'FNBR Leaks', both of whom are known to be reliable sources for Fortnite intel.

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Their latest discoveries have yielded the videos and in-game animations for the Eagle, True Heart, Infinite Dab, Bring It, and Sparkler emotes.

Bring It - Uncommon

Let's see what you've got

Sparkler - Uncommon

So sparkly!

Eagle - Rare

Believe you can fly


Infinite Dab - Rare

Can't stop, won't stop

True Heart - Epic