Unhinged Fortnite flying Shark glitch makes them unbeatable

Sharks in FortniteEpic Games

A Fortnite player has discovered a hilarious glitch that makes the game’s loot sharks unbeatable forces of nature. 

Loot sharks were introduced to Fortnite to keep the players on their toes while simultaneously adding more ways to acquire additional weapons and healing items.

The purple-glowing aquatic creatures made their debuts in Chapter 2, Season 3, as they dwelled in bodies of water where the combatants would be rewarded with miscellaneous loot if they managed to take them down.

Well, that was the case until one player discovered a bug that makes Fortnite sharks unbeatable.

Sharks in fortnite Epic Games
Sharks are used to obtain better loot.

Fortnite player discovers glitch that makes sharks unbeatable

Redditor highheights posted a video capturing the hilarious bug on April 21, 2022.

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In the aforementioned video, the player can be seen making their way towards the sea-dweller with a gun in tow, ready to claim whatever loot the fanged beast may have.

But as highheights approached the glowing shark, the animal jumped over the player’s head to avoid their bullets and then leaped into the sky as it began flying away.

Shocked and understandably confused, the Reddit user captioned the video: “what a well-done game this is, lmao,” as they attempted to make sense of what was happening in the chaotic video.

Other Reddit users chimed in on the bizarre situation as one person jokingly commented: “Sharks can fly now!” While another user added: “Sharknado collab!”

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After watching the video multiple times, it’s still unclear what triggered the glitch to cause the animal to fly away.

This issue seems to be an isolated problem, but fans will be hoping it is met with a quick fix in the next update.