Twitch streamer Chica just had her Fortnite Icon series leaked

Chica on InstagramInstagram: Chica/Epic Games

Twitch streamer Maria ‘Chica’ Lopez has seemingly had her upcoming Fortnite Icon skin leaked, as Epic Games may have forgotten to encrypt the files. 

It’s no secret that Fortnite is still one of the biggest games on the planet. As Fortnite moves forward with an expansive community full of passionate fans and players, the future is seemingly bright for the Epic Games battle royale. 

So, to celebrate the streamers who helped shape the shooter into what it is today, Epic Games released their Icon series back in January 2020-a series of skins based on popular content creators that allowed fans to represent their favorite Fortnite player. 

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Since January 2020, there have been a ton of new skins for the Icon series. But, due to a minor encryption issue, we may have gotten a glimpse into who will be joining Fortnite as the next Icon skin. 

Chica streaming live on TwitchTwitch: Chica
Chica is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers and is the only streamer who streams in two languages

Chica Fortnite skin leak 

As Fortnite underwent maintenance to prepare for April 5’s v20.10 update, Epic Games made a mistake.

According to content creator Shiina, who tweeted out about the oversight, said Epic Games “forgot to encrypt EVERYTHING.”

In the process, Chica‘s Icon series skin was discovered as an upcoming Fortnite cosmetic. 

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Revealed in a tweet by reliable leaker iFireMonkey, the skin features Lopez in a primarily black outfit, adorned in a long black jacket, a choker, her signature hairstyle, thigh-high boots, and an option to customize the jacket’s collar to give it more color.

Chica’s Icon skin appears to be a modifiable cosmetic that allows the player to customize her appearance. She has another outfit that features a more petite blazer and Capri dress pants. 

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Icon skins usually come with matching emotes, back bling, and harvest tools, but it’s uncertain whether or not Chica will be given those. 

Chica Fortnite skin release date? 

While her cosmetics have been leaked, the release date for the popular bi-lingual streamer has yet to be officially set. 

It seems fans will have to wait to see when and how many V-bucks the streamer’s Icon series skin will run them for. 

Epic Games is known to have a few surprises up their sleeves, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes with Chica’s skin and who else is receiving their own personal cosmetic. 

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