TSM’s Myth shows the power of the Quadcrasher with incredible Fortnite kill

Ross Deason

The all-new Quadcrasher vehicle in Fortnite promised to be an exciting addition when it was released on October 16, and it’s already living up to that promise.

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The Quadcrasher, which was part of the V6.10 update that also introduced the new in-game tournament system, seats up to two players and has a built-in boost feature that charges up over time.

The powerful thruster can quite literally propel you into the air if you hit a ramp and even walls aren’t enough to stop you if you hit them head on.

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TSM’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani found out just what the new vehicle is capable of while testing it out on his ever-popular Twitch stream, hitting the most ridiculous trick shot we’ve seen so far:

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The kill is like something from an old school Modern Warfare 2 sniping montage, and we’re not entirely sure whether Myth will ever be able to recreate it, but the professional Fortnite player’s reaction really does put the craziness into perspective.

“Oh my god! No way! What?! Oh. Oh. Oh. He got flatlined boy!” Myth screamed after hitting his “loopdeloop, backwards, 1080, Y Y,” Quadcrasher shot from hundreds of feet above his opponent.

With ridiculous clips like this cropping up less than 24 hours after the Quadcrashe’s release, it’s safe to say that the new vehicle is going to be a favorite with streamers and YouTubers.