TSM’s HighDistortion Clutches Up To Win His Fortnite Match Just One Second Before Servers Get Shut Down

Aside from surviving and getting eliminations. time is another important aspect to consider when playing Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Good players will always keep one eye on the miniature timer under the mini-map in order to avoid getting caught off guard by the incoming Storm.

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However, time can play roles other than with the Storm, as Team SoloMid content creator Jimmy ‘HighDistortion’ Moreno was quick to find out when he found himself up against the clock.

Playing with several of his friends early on June 27th, the streamer was nearing the end of his match when he realized that the Fortnite servers were moments away from being shut down for the launch of the v4.5 update.

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As is usually the case with the release of any major game update, Epic Games will disable matchmaking about 20-25 minutes before shutting off the servers, giving players who were already in a match the chance to finish.

Knowing he did not have much time left, the former Gears of War pro turned Fortnite extraordinaire frantically searched for the last three opponent alive, eventually finding them in Snobby Shores.

Trying his hardest to eliminate them as fast as he could, HighDistortion eventually got all three players, with the servers shutting down almost exactly one second after he got the final kill.

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The players’ reactions of intense laughter and celebration after the loading screen popped up was purely priceless, knowing that they had the proverbial “buzzer beater” in Fortnite.

Although HighDistortion has tallied up countless wins in the many months he has played Fortnite, this Victory Royale is likely one he will never forget.