TSM’s Daequan Really Doesn’t Like C4 in Fortnite and Has an Idea on How It Can Be Improved

Team SoloMid professional Fortnite player ‘Daequan’ has made his feelings clear about the Remote Explosives (C4) in Fortnite.

He tweeted out his displeasure with how strong the C4 is in terms of destroying builds and structures, and presented an idea for how they can be balanced and improved.

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Added in March, Fortnite’s Remote Explosives were designed to wipe out structures and eliminate players that were in its blast radius upon explosion.

However, many among the player-base have expressed that the C4 is too overpowered, and a few randomly thrown units can cause a lot of damage.

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While many are against the amount of health damage the explosives inflict on players, Daequan’s main gripe is with how quickly the C4 can tear down even the most sturdy and reinforced builds.

He had this to say in response to a Twitter poll posted by his teammate ‘Hamlinz’.

The thing about c4 that’s annoying imo is the fact that you can spend 300 resources and 1 c4 destroys it all even if you have a solid foundation. Just need to nerf the radius imo so you have to strategically place them and not just throw them around like a maniac.

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One can understand the frustration players like Daequan must feel when they use a lot of materials to build impressive structures and gain the high ground advantage over opponents, only to see it all turn into rubble with a few, randomly thrown C4.

Even Epic have indirectly revealed that they too believe the Remote Explosives are too strong and not competitive, having banned them from the recent $250,000 ‘Summer Skirmish’ Duo tournament.

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