TSM Myth explains why becoming a top Fortnite controller player is hard

fortnite controller pros mythTSM Myth: YouTube

The debate of controllers versus mouse and keyboard rages on in Fortnite and TSM member Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani stepped up to defend the controller pros.

In 2020, we’re starting to see more and more controller players dominate in Fortnite and it’s causing quite the stir in the community.

It’s not necessarily the fact that controller players are better and mouse and keyboard ones, it’s the fact that they have aim assist is what causes so many problems.

Epic Games - FortniteEpic Games
Fortnite controller players are improving rapidly.

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Particularly, those who have one plugged into their PC will get a much stronger aim assist than those just playing on a PS4 or Xbox One.

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Of course, there are still many drawbacks to using a controller such as it being more difficult to build and edit due to the lack of buttons, for example.

Myth: Twitch
Myth thinks controller players actually have it tough.

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In fact, Myth thinks becoming a top-tier controller pro in Fortnite is harder than being one that uses mouse and keyboard.

“Getting good on controller takes much more time than getting good on KbM,” he tweeted in response to Aydan calling out pros who complain about the aim assist.

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When a fan was dumbfounded by this statement from the TSM content creator, he went into more detail, explaining that it takes a while to master the controller, which is why we’re just now seeing them take home victories in tournaments.

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“Becoming a top TIER Fortnite player on controller is way more difficult if you haven’t played on controller vs learning keyboard and mouse and becoming a top tier player,” he said. “We are just starting to see a true rise of controller comp players. Not just one-offs. That sh*t took time.”

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He does have a point as for a long time, most of the top players were exclusive on mouse and keyboard, but in early February we saw a controller player win the Fortnite Australian Open and claim $100,000.

To his credit, Myth does know a thing or two about playing on controller since he actually spent a whole month seeing what it was like.

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Taking your months of practice and throwing it out the window is difficult to do for mouse and keyboard players, which is probably why we haven’t many of them switch, despite so many pros labeling the aim assist as overpowered.

However, those who came up on controllers are just now starting to hit their stride, according to Myth, so perhaps we could see more of them dominate in upcoming tournaments.