TSM Myth does his best Post Malone impression with rap about Fortnite Season 7

Calum Patterson
Post Malone / Instagram

TSM player and popular streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani used the medium of rap to express his true feelings about Fortnite’s Season 7, re-interpreting a Post Malone hit.

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Season 7 has brought with it the most drastic map changes and new additions of any Fortnite season so far, with a new snow biome, Mounted Turrets (although technically added in S6) and even a plane – with its own turret attached.

All of this, while exciting and refreshing, has been a cause for concern particularly for long time players and the competitive minded, as everything becomes a bit more random and ‘overpowered’.

Epic GamesThe plane is one of the craziest additions to Fortnite, part of Season 7.
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A vocal player in the community, and with a big following, Myth, real name Ali Kabbani, is not afraid to speak his mind – both positive and negative – on Epic Games’ changes to Fortnite.

Typically he will speak on these issues on stream, or in a carefully crafted tweet – but now he is switching it up and improvising along to music.

Singing Post Malone’s famous ‘Fall Apart’, Myth comes up with his own lyrics on the fly, including “what’s that in the sky, it’s a bi-plane” and “Season 7 caught me off guard”.

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Thankfully for fans, changes to planes were made in the latest update, patch version 7.01, which will now mean pilots take damage when crash landing, among other adjustments.

However, if the Fortnite player base is vocal enough, some of these items might not last long. As when the community has rallied behind a particular item or vehicle being too much, it often ends up vaulted or nerfed severely.

The latest contentious addition is the Infinity Blade, which grants the player who wields it 200 health and shield – and regens 50 back on every kill.