TSM Myth apologizes for comments about Ghost Gaming players after insane squad wipe

by Mitch Reames


TSM’s Myth is attempting to rebuild his reputation as a top competitive Fortnite player, but he’s still talking trash and proved he has the skills to back it up on a stream on October 7th.


On the outskirts of Dusty Divot, Myth went one vs. four and wiped an entire squad, mostly consisting of Ghost Gaming players.

Despite playing alongside the likes of C9 Zoof, NRG Zayt and Liquid Vivid, this squad wipe was almost all the work of TSM’s young star.


Myth starts with picking off Ghost Snood and Ghost DMO as the two players alternate peeking from atop the Dusty Diner.

Then he pushes in and takes down free agent Horrify before finishing the squad with a couple tactical shotgun shots on Ghost Bizzle.


After he killed the first two, he popped off saying “Yo Ghost are fuckin trash.”

As Myth and his remaining teammate cleaned up the rest of the items littered around Dusty, he apologized to his chat for the trash talk.

“I apologize for calling them trash chat. I did not mean it. It was just an instantaneous reaction to how fast I popped all three of them,” he said.