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TSM Myth addresses controversy over potential Fortnite World Cup duo

Published: 20/Mar/2019 17:14 Updated: 20/Mar/2019 18:09

by Calum Patterson


Fortnite professional and Team SoloMid player Ali ‘Myth‘ Kabbani has posted an explanation on social media, clarifying the confusion around his rumored duo teammate ‘Aipha’, and the TSM organization.

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In late February, up and coming Fortnite player ‘Aipha’ claimed that his duo for the World Cup would “most likely” be Myth, which, unsurprisingly, led to speculation that he was also joining the TSM org.

However, TSM’s President of Esports, Aileena Xu, shut this speculation down firmly, stating “don’t you guys think that Zoof/Aipha would have been recruited already if they were as beast [good] as people say?”


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Xu’s comments, made in a Twitch chat, received mixed reactions, with some saying she was right to be “tired” of all the questions, but others thought the way it was addressed was “unprofessional”.

Aipha also responded to Xu’s comment, in a now deleted Reddit post, writing: 

I’ll let everyone know my side, people may think that “I am just a fanboy” which in reality, I really like the team, but I would always accept other offers. The only thing I ever bought was a couple shirts and one hoodie from the TSM shop. Everything else was sent to me by them, which is why I thought they were interested in me and why I kept with the ‘TSM is the dream’ shit. I know what my potential is in Fortnite so whatever, if people don’t see it in me thats fine. Regret is something people will have to live with. I will say, deep down, it does feel like I have been played, but that’s just what I’m thinking.

Getting ahead of the growing controversy, Myth himself spoke out, confirming that he had never agreed to playing with Aipha at the World Cup, and that it was all essentially a misunderstanding.

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Myth states there was “never a time when it was expressed OR hinted that TSM or I were more interested in signing or permanently playing with Aipha.”


He went on to say that “Aipha shouldn’t be trying to justify his behavior of being a superfan”, and that “this sort of misunderstanding is a trend with Aipha”.

Xu also posted on Twitter, shortly after Myth’s longer post. She explains that a “nice gesture” (presumably sending merch to Aipha) was “blown out of proportion”.

Whatever the situation is, Aipha is still regarded as one to watch for the future of competitive Fortnite, but his chances of playing alongside Myth under the TSM banner, now seem very slim.