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TSM Daequan has an idea on how to balance shotguns in Fortnite

Published: 17/Sep/2018 14:48 Updated: 7/Oct/2018 10:30

by Matt Porter


TSM member and pro Fortnite player Daequan Loco has come up with what he believes to be a solution to one of Fortnite fans’ main complaints – shotgun balancing.

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Daequan recently took to twitter to voice his issues with the power of the new double-barrel shotgun, stating that he feels that whoever finds a double barrel is essentially guaranteed to win close-quarter gun fights against an enemy who doesn’t have one, saying; “When I have it it is literally free kills on [people] without it.”

He also believes that running a double-barrel shotgun right now is much more effective than the ‘double shotty’ meta which ruled Fortnite, that saw players carrying two pump shotguns and switching between them while firing shots. Epic Games added a delay when switching to a shotgun in an attempt to nerf this meta.


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Daequan’s suggestion to fix shotgun balancing is to remove the delay from every other shotgun, except for the double-barrel shotgun, stating; “shotgun delay should only work on double barrel shotties because obviously two of those would be op. The other shotguns are garbage anyway. Shotgun Smg still will be better than double shotgun. But double shotgun could at least counter the double barrel in point blank range.”

Doing this would allow players to once again be able to use the double pump method, and while it wouldn’t be as strong as the double-barrel shotgun, it would give players a better chance in a point blank range fight.


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Other options that could help close the gap between the double-barrel shotgun and the rest are to lower the spread of the tactical shotgun to make it more accurate, or to increase the damage statistics of the other shotguns to bring them closer to the double-barrel.

Epic Games are constantly evaluating weapons, so it’s likely we will see the developer make some changes to the shotguns if they feel there is a major issue.