TSM Daequan and Ninja criticize Fortnite for being too noob-friendly

. 3 years ago

Professional Fortnite player, Daequan “Daequan” Loco has revealed why he thinks a lot of developers are ruining their games by catering to a certain audience, following the latest update.

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Daequan signed to TSM’s incredible Fortnite roster alongside Myth, Hamlinz and Camills back in February 2018.

Since then the Fortnite pro has seen a lot of success through streaming on Twitch growing his Twitch channel to over 3 million followers in his first year with the organisation.

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Daequan heavily criticised some of the game developers on March 29 and listed one major problem he has with developers catering their games towards making it easier for noobs

Even Fortnite developers, Epic Games have been receiving backlash as of late for some of their latest updates to their game that could potentially lower the skill gap

Epic games have been known for keeping their game fresh with significant updates very often, however Daequan feels that updates should not alter the core game mechanics so dramatically in favor of “noobs”, claiming that it would ruin their game.

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Daequan received a lot of support from the community after voicing his criticism on game developers, with Twitch stars and professional players such as Ninja and summit1g sharing his concerns.

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