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Is there a TimTheTatman Fortnite skin? Everything we know

Published: 26/Jul/2021 23:51

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games are exploring future content to come into Fortnite, and people are excited to see if that means Twitch star TimTheTatman will finally get his own skin. Here’s everything we know.

There’s been growing speculation of what the Fortnite devs have planned next after a survey from Epic revealed possibilities for everything from TikTok’s Charli D’Amelio to TV shows like Family Guy.

We’ve seen before that nothing is off-limits for the Fortnite metaverse, even popular streamers have been getting the in-game treatment with the massively popular ICON series.

While there’s no telling what could be next, people are hoping that TimTheTatman will finally have his place in the larger Fortnite world.


TimTheTatman Fortnite skin

Joe Gall / Red Bull
TimTheTatman has been a longtime figure in Fortnite, and fans are eager for a skin soon.

TimTheTatman still does not have a skin in Fortnite, and it remains to be seen if the developers will fit him with a digital cosmetic soon.

Tim has been a huge name in Fortnite, from streaming to competitive events featuring the popular battle royale. While he’s toyed with the idea of his own skin in the past, people are more hopeful for it in 2021.

TimTheTatman’s name was even included in Epic’s survey that listed different influencers and asked Fortnite players’ opinion on them.

This isn’t conclusive evidence of an upcoming skin coming for Tim, but it’s a sign of Epic gauging where the fan interest lies before executing on new content.


But that already got people talking about the possibility of a new cosmetic, and CouRage fueled speculation after trolling his friend in a video called ‘TimTheTatman Fortnite skin reveal.’

In it, Ninja is goofing around in one of the trash cans when CouRage jokingly congratulates TimTheTatman for having a skin of his own in Fortnite.

So far the Fortnite ICON skin line features Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan, Lazarbeam, TheGrefg, and Bugha. It’s unknown as of yet if TimTheTatman will have his own skin, but fans seem eager for Epic to pull the trigger.