Tilted Towers Receiving Repairs Following Meteor Strike in Fortnite Battle Royale

by Calum Patterson


A new patch for Fortnite Battle Royale went live on May 16th, and has brought with it a number of changes - some less obvious than others.

Patch V.2.4.0 most notably added the new Burst Assault Rifle and new skins and cosmetic items - but it has also began construction on the Fortnite map itself.


Any avid Fortnite fan will recall the months of speculation about a potential meteor strike on Tilted Towers - which eventually came, destroying a large portion in the center of the urban zone.

It left a large crater filled with 'hop rocks' - which grant players jetpack like movement for around 30 seconds - similar to other areas such as Dusty Depot (aptly renamed to 'Dusty Divot').


However, it looks like this crater will not be a permanent addition to the map, as the latest patch now has the crater filled up, and it looks like repairs have begun.

This image, courtesy of Reddit user ShotGunRaids, shows Tilted Towers in its current state, complete with construction vehicles and building site props.

Tilted Towers after the v.2.4.0 patch


Of course this looks like an interim map change, and we would expect future patches to continue the reconstruction of the area.

Fortnite developers Epic Games are clearly attempting to give the play area the feel of a living and ever-changing landscape, in order to avoid players becoming bored of the same old.

Epic Games have in the past acknowledged fans' wishes for an entirely new map, but seem committed to working with their current canvas, before releasing a second.