Three classic Fortnite weapons set to return from the Vault

Connor Bennett
Epic Games

Fresh Fortnite leaks have revealed that a number of classic weapons are set to return in a limited-time mode – potentially opening up the possibility for their full returns.

As Fortnite Chapter  2, Season 2 has progressed, players have gotten what they were begging for at the start of Chapter 2 – new content and constant changes. Epic Games have been making tweaks to the loot pool, locations on the battle royale island, and bringing back the popular live in-game events

However, some fans still want more – more new weapons, locations, and different game modes in order to take down as many enemy players as possible. According to a fresh batch of Fortnite leaks, it appears as if they could be getting that wish granted.

Epic Games
The Fortnite vault sometimes lets classic weapons out.

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The fresh set of leaks come from data miner FortOfFans, who revealed that three currently vaulted weapons are making a return in the highly anticipated Spy Games limited-time mode that was leaked earlier this season.

According to the leaker, these three weapons would be the rare Mini-Gun, the rare Heavy Sniper Rifle, and the legendary Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle.

Just seeing that another version of the Heavy Sniper Rifle is making a return is enough to send chills down the spines of many players, but could this LTM really affect the current loot pool for the normal battle royale mode?

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Well, the answer to that question is unknown. Epic has shown that, in recent seasons, they’ve been willing to unvault old items for limited-time modes but they usually stick there. The closest we get to having a mass unvaulting usually comes during the holiday season.

The developers could very well drop a few of these unvaulted weapons into the battle royale’s main pool to shake things up ahead of Chapter 2, Season 3 but we’ll just have to wait and see as to what they decide to do.