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Fortnite Battle Royale • Nov 14, 2018

This fan-made Fortnite skin would be perfect for the Winter season

This fan-made Fortnite skin would be perfect for the Winter season
Epic Games

One Fortnite fan has come up with a skin that would be perfect for this holiday season based on the popular "Team Leader" set of skins.


The first skin introduced in the series was the "Cuddle Team Leader", which featured an all-pink bear, but this fan concept takes the skin and gives it a frosty white color instead of pink.

Also in the concept, posted to Reddit by user snabobo, are candy cane stripes that really add to the holiday feel of this skin.


The "Polar Team Leader" concept also includes a snowglobe back bling, perfect as we enter into the holiday season.

The level of detail in this skin, like the glowing snoflake design around the eye, really help to make this skin seem like it could have been made by Epic.


Epic usually have some pretty awesome skins of their own for the holidays, but so far none have been revealed to players, yet.

Whatever Epic comes up with, snobobo can definitely take credit for getting things right if they come out with a winter version of the Team Leader skin.

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