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This brilliant concept would forever change farming in Fortnite

Published: 22/Nov/2018 20:26 Updated: 22/Nov/2018 20:38

by Wyatt Donigan


Popular Fortnite YouTuber ‘Nick Eh 30’ has come up with a new farming mechanic that could greatly change how players farm for materials in the game.

Farming is one of the most essential aspects of Fortnite, but some players have complained that they spend a bit too much time farming in the game’s current state.

To try and combat this complaint, Nick Eh 30 offered up an idea for a new game mechanic that could remedy the problem.  

Nick’s concept centers around the ‘Active Reload’ mechanic made popular in the Gears of Wars franchise that allowed players to reload at a much quicker rate.


The way it would work in Fortnite is instead of holding down the farm button as players do now, they would simply tap to farm and have a chance to swing their pickaxe twice if done with perfect timing.

This mechanic would have a drawback, just as there was in Gears of War, that slows down the player’s farming if the button was pressed at the wrong time.

Given that Epic Games actually made the original Gears of War game that started the Active Reload system, it perhaps isn’t outside the realm of possibility that it could one day make its way to Fortnite.


If it ever did, it could greatly speed up farming and allow players to spend more time in fights and looting.

Even if this feature never shows up in Fortnite, this once again showcases the creativeness of the community members who are constantly coming up with ways to improve the popular game.