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Fortnite • Nov 08, 2018

This 1v13 in Fortnite's Team Terror mode is insane


Team Terror isn’t exactly the highest quality Fortnite gameplay, but pulling off a 1v13 is always impressive.


That's what Reddit user /u/ANattyLight did as they just pub stomped the remaining lobby.

First, some concessions. They didn’t actually kill all 13 opponents, the storm captured a few souls from the start of the clip.

Second, the cube monsters provided a necessary distraction and, somehow, Natty was able to not be the center of focus, despite being the only player on their team left.

Regardless of those two things, Natty played a great game and deserves recognition for this domination.

Only two opponents were able to catch on to what was happening, and Natty was able to glide directly behind an opponent who was just standing on top of a hill, but still.

Also worth noting are the interesting choices of guns. They passed up a SCAR and a Heavy Shotgun in favor of the FAMAS.

It’s hard to question the decisions made because they were able to win a starting 1v13 while never even having to heal. Apparently, if people want to practice their aiming on live targets, Team Terror is the place to go.