These Fortnite skin concepts are so good Epic Games are actually adding them - Dexerto

These Fortnite skin concepts are so good Epic Games are actually adding them

Published: 19/Aug/2021 20:40 Updated: 2/May/2022 16:10

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games are bringing two fan-made skins into Fortnite with the winners of the Concept Royale lending their creative talents for new cosmetics.

The Fortnite library of skins includes everything from Epic’s original designs to iconic characters from multiple franchises like Marvel, DC, and more. But the collection will also include a couple more skins directly sourced from fans who submitted their concepts.

These skins were so good, Epic decided they had a place inside of the battle royale for people to rock in the upcoming winter season (when the festive cosmetics are set to launch).

Take a look down below for full mock-up images that won the Fortnite Concept Royale and will be in the game soon.


lbdart_ via Epic Games
The Nalia fan-made skin coming to Fortnite.

Epic announced on Aug 19 that artists known as ‘lbdart’ and ‘AltaCalls’ will be honored for their skins for ‘Nalia’ and the ‘Frigid Forgoer,’ respectively.

The first is a skin from Ibdart for their ‘fierce guardian of the frozen forests, [who] guards [from] invaders that try to damage the lands of an ancient loved one.” As such, the imagery incorporates an owl-ly hero ready for the winter.

Snowflakes adorn the outfit, with a winter owl inspiring the backbling. It looks like the character will also have a stylish cape that can be equipped, so it’ll be interesting how Epic translates that in the game.


AltaCalls via Epic Games
Fortnite will soon get a Frigid Forgoer in the winter.

Meanwhile, AltaCalls’ Frigid Forgoer is “thawed and ready for revenge.” The undead gunslinger is the perfect complement to what we already see in the BR.

There weren’t as many accessory details for this concept, but that just gives us the hope that Epic will get creative with the cosmetic to hopefully turn it into a progressive outfit.

The design concepts are our best look into the upcoming skins — which should start releasing around December, but no official launch has yet to be announced.