There’s Something Very Strange About the Slanted Roofs in Fortnite’s New Paradise Palms Location

Included as part of Season 5, the new Paradise Palms location has been largely a successful addition in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The one, true oasis in the middle of the newly formed desert area on the corner of the map, Paradise Palms has been a popular landing area for many among the game’s vast-player base.

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However, there appears to be something rather strange about the location, particularly having to do with the structures that have slanted roofs.

As Reddit user ‘Dbroncos16′ pointed out the roofs’ peculiarity in a post on July 15. 

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As the video demonstrates, these roofs appear, at first glance, to be made of wood, but when the character begins to walk on its surface, a distinct “clang” sound is produced, which is usually only heard when walking on metal.

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However, when the player begins smashing the wood with a pickaxe, brick resources are given out, rather than wood or metal.

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Although also befuddled , Reddit user ‘Rocqy’ attempted to provide his best explanation for the oddity, claiming that the roofs could be made out of clay.

If it’s Arizona themed most of their roofs are clay tile which is made of clay bricks, still odd tho.

What do you think is the explanation for this peculiarity in Paradise Palms?