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There Were Eight Llamas At Fortnite’s E3 Party Now They Are All Gone

Published: 17/Jun/2018 15:51 Updated: 20/May/2022 14:43

by Scott Mahoney


Fortnite hosted a “Party Royale” at E3 where they had hidden 8 Llamas around the venue for guests to find, and all eight were found and taken by the party guests. 

When Fortnite released its popular battle royale mode back in September of 2017, they could not have predicted the astronomical growth of the game.

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It is now one of the most played games, if not the most played game, on the market and many in-game features have become staples in pop culture.

All over the world, there are Fortnite players on the streets or in the clubs showing off their real-life mastery of the game’s emotes from “Flippin Sexy” to “Orange Justice.”


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One of the most beloved features in the battle royale is the llama, known for being very difficult to find and containing game-changing health, shield, ammo, and materials for whoever is lucky enough to open the piñata.

The E3 team decided it would be wise to tap into this cultural icon and randomly placed eight of them around their event.

Security was given strict instructions to not prevent guests from taking the llama or punishing those who went the extra mile to get theirs.

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At least four have surfaced since the event, including one on eBay listed at auction with a starting price of $400.00.


Those who missed out will be comforted to know that they did not life-changing health, shield, or materials inside.