'The Walls' Fortnite LTM Concept Brings Four Teams Together in an Awesome Way

by DG Goldstein


Fortnite community members are always looking for ways to improve the game through various 'concepts.' 

With new items and content added on a weekly basis, Epic Games is always looking for new ideas to bring to the title.


Reddit user /u/phleep created a concept where four teams of 25 players each drop into different zones at the beginning of the game, with the storm already placed on the map.

The four zones eventually form into two separate ones, and then finally turn into one, singular zone in the middle of the map.


A full breakdown of the concept can be viewed below.

LTM Concept: The Walls (Animated) from r/FortNiteBR


At the time of writing, it is unknown if Epic Games has any plans to implement such an LTM into Fortnite in the future.

More information on the upcoming V5.3.0 update, including release date and time, is available right here.