The New Shotgun x Shopping Cart Glitch in Fortnite is Incredibly Fun

Most would agree that the Shopping Carts in Fortnite: Battle Royale have been one of the best additions since the game’s launch in September of 2017.

Essentially the first ever interactive vehicles in Fortnite, the new carts have been a huge success, with the majority of the game’s vast player-base finding them enjoyable and hilarious.

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The Shopping Carts have been disabled several times since their original release due to various issues.

However, despite being recently reinstated into the game, there still exist some glitches that have further contributed to how much fun players can have when performing tricks and stunts.

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The latest example of a fun glitch has been found when using a shotgun while riding as a passenger in a Shopping Cart.

A video found online depicts two players performing this stunt; one player drives the cart, while the other sits in it and shoots his Pump Shotgun at a downwards angle.

The result is rather spectacular as the cart and the two players are propelled high into the air, eventually crashing into a hillside some distance away.

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Although the glitch can be fun to use, it is very likely that Epic Games will work to patch it up as soon as possible considering the potential it has to help players escape the Storm faster as well as get better positioning.

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