How Much is the New 'Ace' Starter Pack in Fortnite? Pricing and Info

by Albert Petrosyan
Epic Games


The third Starter Pack has officially been released in Fortnite on August 28.

Called 'Ace Starter Pack', the new set features a brand new outfit skin, back bling, and 600 V-Bucks.


The new outfit skin that is included in the Starter Pack is called 'The Ace,' which had been leaked following the last week's v5.30 Update. 

The skin comes with a back bling called 'Swag Bag,' with both cosmetic items being of Legendary rarity. 


This Starter Pack can be purchased for $4.99, a price which has remained consistent for all of the Starter Packs so far.

It's available now in the Playstation Store, Xbox Marketplace, and on PC.


There was heavy speculation that the Ace Starter Pack would be available on August 28 since the last day to purchase the previous 'Wingman' pack was the 27th.

It appears that there is now a set point within a Season that Epic Games like to release Starter Packs since the last two have been released during Week 7 of Seasons 4 and 5 respectively.