The Fortnite Cube’s Final Destination Leaked in Data Mining Files

The Fortnite Cube’s Final Destination Confirmed by Data Miners in Update V5.4.0, which dropped on Thursday, September 6.

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The final destination of the Fortnite Cube has been heavily debated by fans of the popular battle royale game.

The Cube originally spawned on August 24 after a lightning strike hit the ground at Paradise Palms, and it has continued to create intrigue with its movement and abilities.

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Its range of actions include dealing damage to anything that attempts to hit it, squashing various people who get in its way and even causing an anti-gravity field, which caused quite the controversy during PAX West’s Summer Skirmish event.

Where the Cube would finally end up on the map depended on who you spoke to, but it was a group of mobile players who figured out Loot Lake was its final destination, and data mining has now confirmed that.

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Update V5.4.0 dropped on Thursday. September 6, and with a host of new information gathered via data miners looking through the update files.

One of the pieces of information found include the confirmation that the Cube will descend upon Loot Lake before being ‘corrupted’.

What that actually means, we’re not entirely sure, but as one of the most under used parts of the Fortnite map, fans will be more than happy to see Loot Lake transformed.