The Current Fortnite Meta Leaves Team Liquid’s Poach Infuriated

LiquidPoach / Twitter

Team Liquid’s Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve expressed his exasperation with the current Fortnite Battle Royale meta during a recent Twitch stream.

The professional player encountered an opponent that tore through his walls quicker than he could build them, eventually eliminating him with a Minigun.

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Throughout the sequence Poach can be heard saying “are you trolling me? How many frigging walls has this man just fazed through?” and “anybody not realize like how dumb this meta is? Am I the only one? Why is this a thing?”

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After leaving the game, Poach exclaims:

“Oh my fucking god, I hate this game,

“I build over him and immediately he just fazed right through, jumped right through that ramp, and then that was just awesome”

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Poach is echoing the sentiments of many Fortnite players that have been left disillusioned by the meta changes in Season 5 that saw building get nerfed and weapons like submachine guns become significantly more powerful.

Some players have taken to calling it the “spray and pray” meta due to the shift from shotguns, precision shots, and building battles to a game that is more forgiving of running at opponents and shooting an SMG as they struggle to build their defences.

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In a Reddit thread discussing the above clip, one user stated “Spray and pray meta is so stupid. Completely ruins the fun and skill gap of building” and another followed up with “Hold Mouse 1 + W is literally the new meta.”

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