Tfue & Symfuhny highlight Fortnite’s big advantage vs Warzone after going back

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Following the trend of big-time streamers returning to Fortnite, Tfue and Symfuhny recently paired up together to rekindle an old flame with Fortnite Chapter 3.

If you’re only familiar with Tfue and Symfuhny from the last year or so, then you probably won’t even know that they rose to prominence via Fortnite in their early days. Tfue was one of the scene’s biggest stars, and Symfuhny’s building and editing skills were legendary!

However, over time they drifted away from the game with Tfue mainly enjoying Apex as of late, whereas Symfuhny has predominantly transitioned to the Call of Duty: Warzone scene.

But as seen with Dr Disrespect, NICKMERCS, TimTheTatMan, xQc, and countless other streamers and personalities, Tfue and Symfuhny have, maybe only temporarily, gravitated towards Fortnite and its hot Chapter 3 content.

Fortnite Chapter 3 lures back Tfue & Symfuhny

tilted towers in fortniteEpic Games
One of the biggest sways for players has been the return of Tilted Towers.

Whether it’s because of Klombo, the potential “no-build mode,” or the return of the infamous Tilted Towers, Season 3 has an unmistakable allure that is drawing players in.

So it was cool to see Tfue and Symfuhny recently revisit Epic’s battle royale shooter. “How do I even invite some bro?” a confused Tfue asked as it had clearly been a long time since he had played the game.

Fortnite has undergone a ridiculous number of changes and alterations since the duo last played, and despite this, Tfue insisted that they drop into the classic Tilted Towers POI they both knew.

“I can’t believe we’re on Fortnite dude,” Symfuhny said, before they were both knee-deep in frantic battles with other players.

They each picked up on aspects of the game they enjoyed with Tfue asking “is it just me or is the FOV in this game amazing?” and Symfuhny agreeing. This is quite a statement given how big the FOV argument is in shooters nowadays, with Warzone players, in particular, desperate for console FOV options.

They also noted that the Shield Keg is “sick.”

After a few decent games and refamiliarizing themselves with the game’s mechanics and new elements, the pair eventually found their mojo and scored a Victory Royale after clutching up in some perilous situations.

The gameplay will have hit some proper nostalgia vibes for fans of the streamer’s Fortnite days.

Though, it’s unclear whether this will see a permanent return to Fortnite for the pair. Tfue previously commented in 2019 about Fortnite and Apex saying: “That’s why a lot of the streamers switched to f**king Apex, just because of the stream-snipers,” he said. “I mean that’s the only reason I would play Apex. Just because of the large population, you can avoid stream-snipers.”