Tfue slams infamous Fortnite cheater XXiF for targeting him in-game - Dexerto

Tfue slams infamous Fortnite cheater XXiF for targeting him in-game

Published: 14/Sep/2019 12:55 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 13:23

by Joe Craven


Popular Fortnite streamer and pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was not happy after fellow pro and once-cheater XXiF landed on him in a competitive match.

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XXiF is a well-known name in the Fortnite community, but for all the wrong reasons. He was accused of cheating while trying to qualify for the World Cup, through deliberate collaboration or ‘teaming’ with other players. 

He was eventually found guilty, dropped by Rise Nation and handed a two-week ban by Epic Games. Despite this, he still qualified for the World Cup and was allowed to compete at the event, but failed to make a significant impact in New York.


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Tfue recently lashed out at XXiF after he was “landed on” by his fellow Fortnite professional. 

Landing on the meteor which lingers over the map, Tfue quickly found a tac shotgun. Hearing an opponent landing on the ridge above him, he utilized the low gravity zone to reposition and swiftly eliminate XXiF. 

Upon realizing who it was, however, Tfue had a few choice words for his opponent. “Why is this kid landing on me?” he asked. “XXiF just landed on me and died. What is he doing, what are these fucking players doing?”

A friend then jokes to Tfue that he’s about to get a two-week ban, referencing XXiF’s past discrepancies. “I know right,” responded Tfue. “This kid’s feeding me, it’s crazy.” 


(Timestamp: 0:50) 

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However, it wasn’t just Tfue who had a problem with XXiF. Popular streamer for FaZe Clan, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, also called out XXiF for targeting him during a game of Fortnite. 

Trapped in his own builds with no materials, Nick was quickly eliminated by an enemy. When he realized it was XXiF, he too had some pretty strong words for the Riot Squad player. 

“Oh it’s our favorite Fortnite player,” joked Kolcheff. “That’s weird that him and a bunch of other players started to shoot me because I could have sworn this guy’s got a reputation of doing that.”


(Timestamp 1:20)

FaZe ClanKolcheff has proven in the past he is not afraid to share his opinions.
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While obviously not confirmed that XXiF was doing anything he wasn’t allowed to, it’s clear that a lot of the Fortnite community still do not take well to being eliminated by someone known to have tried to flout the rules in the past.

This was clear back at the Fortnite World Cup in July, as the crowd erupted upon witnessing XXiF being eliminated

Tfue recently announced a surprise break from Twitch streaming, explaining that he “feels trapped”. NICKMERCS is taking no such break, and can be found regularly streaming for FaZe Clan over at his Twitch channel.