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Tfue shows just how overpowered Fortnite’s Fishing Rod can be

Published: 4/Nov/2019 1:51 Updated: 4/Nov/2019 5:39

by Brad Norton


In the midst of a Fortnite saw the introduction of the Fishing Rod. A new item that allowed players to find loot in any body of water, from ammunition to rare weapons and more.

The Fishing Rod was recently buffed in Fortnite to allow functionality on land. While the changes may have looked simple on paper, Tfue has shown that it can change the outcome of highly competitive matches with other professional players.

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In a November 3 stream on Twitch, Tfue and his squad of popular professionals were streaming their run through the latest FNCS matches. 

Throughout the various games, the Fortnite star showcased how the new functionality of the Fishing Rod can come in handy even at the highest level of competition.


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With absolutely no building materials to his name as a huge gunfight ensued, Tfue focused his efforts on ‘fishing’ for nearby loot and was handily rewarded thanks to the powerful item that now lets players hook loot from a distance.

“I got max metal,” he said to his team after picking up 550 metal in the blink of an eye thanks to a precise hook on an eliminated enemy. “I have zero mats,” a teammate explained as Tfue was easily able to rectify the situation and share his newfound riches among the squad.

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In another match, he asked his teammates to break down some nearby structures so he could fish for even more loot from a great distance. 


“I’m gonna grab the RPG,” he explained, using the Fishing Rod from a safe distance. 

The benefits of being able to hook loot from a distance cannot be overstated. Remaining in position with the team, Tfue didn’t have to risk his life or waste precious building materials. Rather, he pulled them towards his team with ease.

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Tfue recently dominated in the Championship series with some remarkable RPG plays that led to complete squad wipes, and ended up finishing top five in Week 1 with 56 points.

Having hooked a fresh RPG thanks to the new and improved Fishing Rod, it’s safe to say the streamer has uncovered a powerful tactic when it comes to Fortnite’s competitive play.