Tfue shows off the strength of aim assist in first ever Fortnite controller stream

by Bill Cooney


Fortnite streamer Turner ‘Fortnite with a controller for the first time on stream.

There’s a never ending debate between console and PC gamers about whether or not using a mouse is really more accurate than a controller. Without taking either side it remains a fact that console games typically come with aim assist, while PC doesn’t.

As Tfue tried out Fortnite with a controller for the first time, he discovered how powerful Fortnite’s aim assist really is live on stream.

Tfue, Twitter
Tfue, Twitter
Tfue decided to try out Fortnite with a controller for the first time on stream.

Is that an Aimbot?

As Tfue warmed up on the sticks with FaZe sway before jumping into the Battle Bus, he decided to test out how Fortnite’s aim assist really worked.

With sway running away from him Tfue aimed his crosshairs and followed him using nothing more than the game’s aim assist for controllers.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Tfue was pretty amused with Fortnite's aim assist on controller.

“I’m following you dude,” Tfue told sway while the pair were getting used to controllers. “Yeah im follwing you bro”

So it seems like aim assist is powerful enough to follow a player as they move along the map, at least in Fortnite, but whether it provides an advantage over players who choose to use mouse and keyboard instead is still up for debate.

Did Tfue stick with the controller?

After using his controller for awhile, Tfue eventually switched back to mouse and keyboard during the stream and joked “aiming with a mouse is dog dude, too hard man.”

The streamer has said before that, due to his low sensitivity, he’d consider switching to controller, but it might just take some time to get used to.

Whether Tfue stays with mouse and keyboard or makes the switch to the sticks remains to be seen, but maybe he just needs a little more practice before making the change for good.