Tfue reveals emails to Epic Games about NFL skins, after Ninja's confusion - Dexerto

Tfue reveals emails to Epic Games about NFL skins, after Ninja’s confusion

Published: 8/Nov/2018 19:15 Updated: 8/Nov/2018 19:23

by Calum Patterson


FaZe Clan pro Fortnite player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has cleared up confusion over NFL skins being added to his account, after fellow streamer Ninja mistakenly believed he must have asked for them.

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The confusion occurred after Tfue discovered the new NFL skins had been added to his ‘Not_Tfue’ account on Fortnite.

He bought his first ever skin since having his first account suspended after reaching a 100,000 Retweet goal, and explained why in a Twitter video on November 7, showing that NFL skins had been added to his account.

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Viewers in Ninja’s stream brought up Tfue’s rare skin purchase, he explained that he believed Epic must have asked for his permission, and Tfue must have agreed, to have the NFL skins added.


“I don’t think Epic would have added the NFL skins into to Tfue’s account without his permission. Epic very well knows that Tfue’s all about being a ‘hashtag no skin’. Epic is a very observant company”.

In another clip, Ninja continues “No, I promise they did not think they were doing [Tfue] a favor, Tfue doesn’t buy skins. There’s not a single person at Epic that though to themselves ‘hey, even though Tfue never buys skins, he’ll probably really like it if we give him skins early.'”

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Tfue watched these moments from Ninja on stream, and in an effort to clear up any confusion fans may have, immediately opened up his email inbox.

He then put on screen the email he received from Epic Games, offering him the option to have the skins early and promote them.


Tfue also showed his response, which despite stating his excitement at the offer, made clear he would decline unless he was the only creator being given early access, or else it would spoil his ‘no skin’ theme, which has become part of his brand at this point.

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In his response to Epic, Tfue writes:

“I assume that other creators are being offered the same thing. While that’s cool and all the default skin is a huge part of my brand. I don’t want to diminish it or budge off of it unless there’s potential for massive gain.”

So, it appears that despite his response, Epic Games decided to add the skins to his account anyway, which effectively mean his account was no longer skin free and thus he bought a skin.