Tfue lays out hilariously specific condition for making Fortnite return

Joe Craven
Fortnite Tfue The Grotto
IG: Tfue / Epic Games

Former Fortnite pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has laid out his hilariously specific condition for making a return to Epic Games’ battle royale, as he continues to stream away from the game that saw him amass millions of followers. 

Recent visitors to Tfue’s Twitch channel would be forgiven for not knowing that he once dominated the Fortnite streaming world in a way that Ninja, Myth, and others did too.

The former FaZe Clan star has majorly cut down on his time with Epic Games’ building BR, opting instead for some of its rivals like Warzone and Apex Legends.

However, the potential of a return has never quite vanished completely, with some fans quietly hopeful that he’ll drop back into Fortnite at some point in the near future.

Tfue at the Fortnite World Cup.
Epic Games - Fortnite
Tfue qualified for the Fortnite World Cup back in 2019, as one of the world’s top pros.

Comments made to SypherPK suggest a return is unlikely though, with the 23-year-old laying out a hilariously specific condition to make his return.

A September 25 YouTube video saw Sypher visit Tfue’s house, only to ask the question that is on the lips of many of Tenney’s fans.

“I got an important question for all your fans,” Sypher said. “When are you coming back to Fortnite?”

Tfue, never one to take things too seriously, simply responded: “Erm, when the Grotto comes back.”

Timestamp: 0:14

The Grotto was an underground POI, located between Dirty Docks and Retail Row, that became Tfue’s go-to spot when starting games. It first appeared in  Chapter 2’s second season but was made completely inaccessible after it was flooded in Season 3.

Perhaps that’s why Tfue laid it out as his condition for returning to Fortnite, but maybe Epic will pick up his gauntlet and drain the POI when Season 9 drops.