Tfue goes on furious rant after getting killed by mobile Fortnite player

by Matt Porter


Turner 'Tfue' Tenney is widely recognized as one of the greatest Fortnite players of all time, but the streamer and pro player couldn't help but hit out at his opponent when he died to an enemy he believed was using a mobile device.

One of the things that makes Fortnite so incredibly successful is the fact that it is available on any platform, with PC players, console users, and anyone who owns a tablet or smartphone able to hop into the Battle Bus in search of Victory Royales, even if playing on a phone puts you at a severe disadvantage against others using larger screens and input devices compared to touch screens.

That didn't stop a mobile player from taking down Tfue during his February 12 "Corona stream", which saw the pro enjoying some beers while playing solos, although his happiness quickly turned to frustration when he was sent back to the lobby by someone using a phone.

Tfue and Cloak after winning a Fortnite tournament.
Epic Games
Tfue is recognized as one of the most successful Fortnite pro players ever.


After finding himself in a Fortnite build battle against the apparent mobile opponent, Tfue found himself eliminated at their hands, immediately launching into a tirade as he struggled to comprehend what had happened. To make matters worse, his enemy started to perform the 'donkey laugh' after taking him down, only adding to the 22-year-old's frustration.

"Who the f**k emotes bro, it's 2020," Tfue fumed. "You're 12, and you play on mobile."

"Imagine laughing and sucking that much c*ck at shooting an [assault rifle] at a f**king guy who's barely moving. Wild! You don't even know how to switch guns brother, you don't even know how to switch guns! I'm so salty right now. I'm so mad bro, I'm about to blow a f**king blood vessel!"


Of course, had Tfue been playing as hard as he could, it's likely that he would have wiped out the player pretty easily, especially after watching him struggle to build and miss a number of shots with his weapon when another enemy appeared.

The good news is, Tfue can place the blame on the beer he was drinking and pretend that it's the only reason his enemy took him out, although it did give his viewers a hilarious moment, and proof that even the best Fortnite players can make a mistake.