Tfue explains why every Fortnite player should use stretched res

by Eli Becht


Tfue used a stretch resolution in Fortnite for the first time and explained why it's something everyone should use.


If you've ever watched a Fortnite tournament on Twitch then it's likely you've come across a player using a stretched resolution at some point.

Using this kind of resolution isn't just for making your game look weird but it's actually for getting a competitive edge on your opponent.


Popular Fortnite streamer Tfue recently used a new resolution in one of his streams and quickly grew to love it.

In fact, he even went as far as saying calling a stretched res 'broken' and how he doesn't want to stop using it.


"I'm like pissed off that you guys made me play stretched because now I realize how broken it is and I don't want to get off of it," Tfue told his viewers.

Tfue is already a great Fortnite player without the use of a different resolution which is why him saying a stretched res is 'broken' because it's so good is scary for other players.


Tfue has spoken on his desire to play in a stretched res in the past so it should be no surprise that he finally decided to give it a shot.

It's not yet clear if he will be using this resolution in a competitive setting going forward but we do now have confirmation he likes it.