Tfue Forgets He Joined a PlayGround Lobby and Proceeds to Moan About the Lack of Opposition

by Calum Patterson


FaZe Clan player Turner "Tfue" Tenney had his entire stream in hysterics as he explored a playground lobby in Fortnite - and complained about the lack of opposition.

Tfue thought he had joined up for just a normal match of battle royale, and was then surprised to find absolutely no action whatsoever despite landing in a typically popular area.


He still didn't realize after a higher than normal amount of Llamas were present on the map (olayground has Llamas in abundance), as well as his entire stream chat trying to tell him his mistake.

"There's no way there is actually nobody here, there's got to be at least like one dude. Hot drop, straight over paradise - no players. Zero people, that's actually insane."

Eventually, the lightbulb goes off.


Even his FaZe Clan teammate was telling him in the chat, spamming four times "you're in playground idiot @tfue" - still his partner didn't notice.

After realizing his mistake, Tfue confirmed he wasn't in fact trolling his viewers, as many of them thought, taking to Twitter to say he genuinely believed he was playing a solo battle royale match.

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After posting about the hilarious episode on Twitter, there was at least some other big name players who admitted that they too often make the same mistake, such as YouTuber Ali-A.


Tfue - a professional player for FaZe Clan - will at least have learned his lesson, and will always check first that he's in an actual match before complaining about the lack of players in the lobby.