Tfue explains why sniping "takes no skill" and doesn’t belong in Fortnite

by Marcus Banks


FaZe Clan professional Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney isn’t a fan of one of Fortnite’s most popular weapons in competitive play.


The Sniper Rifle is one of the most effective weapons currently in the game, allowing players to deal significant damage to enemies from long distances with a single shot.

The heavy variant of the weapon provides players with the ability to destroy any structure with one bullet, whilst also dealing a huge 150 damage to the body.

Fortnite added the suppressed sniper in Season 7 which saw the regular bolt-action move to the vault


In Season 7, Fortnite introduced a change to snipers removing most of the bullet drop from the suppressed variant and hunting rifle, making it slightly easier to hit those fatal shots.

As a result, Tfue is not a fan and stated on stream that he believes they should be vaulted from the game.


“Sniping is all luck,” Tfue claimed. “That’s why I don’t snipe. It takes zero skill. That’s how I die the majority of the time, some lucky bot just hits a headshot.”

Nevertheless, the 22-year-old went on to explain his reasoning saying that the sniper should remain in the default playlists but a change should be considered in the competitive modes.


Tfue said: “Snipers definitely belong in Fortnite for sure, but they don’t belong in competitive.”

Due to the extremely high damage dealt by the heavy sniper, there were calls for a nerf from various members of the community – however – Epic Games confirmed one was not forthcoming. Only time will tell whether they rethink their decision.