Tfue Explains Why He Doesn’t Like to Use Fortnite’s New Double Barrel Shotgun

Ross Deason
@TTfue / Twitter

FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed why he will “pick up a Green Pump over a Gold Double Barrel almost every time” in competitive Fortnite.

The professional player states “the Double Barrel, if you shoot your two bullets… that better be a fucking kill. Because if it’s not, you’re screwed, you’re gonna have to give up high ground”.

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He expands on this point by saying that, if you run into a good player, “you only have so little opportunities to pop shots in when people are trying to build”.

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Tfue goes on to say:

“say you take high ground from somebody and they start going another way, okay? You’re like ‘okay I’m starting to build high ground’ and then you pop ‘em like twice… and then what, bro?

“They’re starting to build high ground again, you try to pup ‘em but you’ve gotta reload. You can’t reload and build at the same time so you’re screwed dude.”

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The Double Barrel Shotgun was added to Fortnite Battle Royale as part of the V5.20 patch on August 7 and is intended to be incredibly powerful up close but have limited ammunition and viable range.

Initial feedback on the weapon, which is available in Epic and Legendary variants, was rather mixed, but it looks like most top players are leaning towards Tfue’s way of thinking, preferring the Pump or Tactical Shotguns over the Double Barrel.