Tfue explains why he can’t play Fortnite anymore

Jacob Hale
YouTube: Tfue / Epic Games

Once one of the biggest names in Fortnite, streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, has explained why he can’t play the game anymore, after his recent switch to Call of Duty Warzone.

Fortnite saw more than its fair share of success in recent years, becoming arguably the biggest BR game in the history of the industry and, alongside the likes of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Tfue was a name synonymous with the title.

Now, though, he’s clearly had enough of Epic Games’ masterpiece, and explained not only why he’s not playing the new update, which finally brought Joy Ride cars to the game, but why he may never play it again.

Epic Games

He was still playing Fortnite fairly regularly up until a couple months after Warzone’s release, when the temptation obviously became too much.

Tfue eventually joined his contemporaries in hopping off of the Fortnite ship, and addressed the situation during an August 5 stream.

“Fortnite is trash,” he said, reading out a comment in his Twitch chat. “Fortnite is f**king a*s, bro. You guys have got to understand, a lot of these kids playing Fortnite now weren’t playing Fortnite when I was. I’ve been playing since it came out.”

He continued: “You can’t play a game for years straight. For me, it’s usually 2-3 years is, like, the max for playing a game. You can’t play a game for five years straight. You’ll lose your mind.”

While some might disagree, especially those who play the likes of timeless esports such as League of Legends or CS:GO, Tfue’s comments do appear to be reflective of the general gamer. It’s the reason games such as FIFA or Call of Duty see so much success with annual releases: players often want something that feels fresh and new, and perhaps Fortnite was no longer doing that for Tfue.

Tenney didn’t continue on the subject, so while he didn’t say he would try Fortnite again at some point, he didn’t completely rule out the possibility.

For now, he’s obviously looking to conquer Verdansk like many other top streamers, and we’ll have to wait to see if he has as much success in Warzone as in Fortnite.