Tfue explains why Fortnite’s current meta is “unplayable”

Jacob Hale
Epic Games / Twitch: Tfue

Fortnite and streaming sensation Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has declared that the current Fortnite meta is “unplayable” after a series of tough losses in solo matches.

Tfue has never been one to shy away from criticizing Epic Games’ battle royale hit, regularly voicing his opinion on what needs to be changed or fixed to return the game to its ‘glory days.’

Now, the meta has come under fire in the lead-up to Chapter 2, Season 3, with Tfue calling the current state of gameplay “sad.”

Epic Games
Fortnite players, Tfue included, will be hoping to see some major changes in Season 3.

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After attempting to take the walls of an enemy, and subsequently being decimated by the opponent’s mythic minigun, Tfue had some things to say.

He repeated three times that “this game is so awful” while the gunfight ensued, clearly aware he was already in a dire position and resigned to the incoming loss.

After being killed, he added: “I’m not playing any more. I die the same way every single game. It’s honestly just sad. It’s sad to dedicate two years of my life into a game that is legitimately unplayable now. Like, what am I even f**king playing?”

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A common complaint from Fortnite players is the abundance of controller players with fully-automatic weapons jumping into their builds – be it exaggeration or legitimate concerns – and Tfue seems to harbor the same resentment for that style of play.

It’s clear that Tfue’s impatience is growing with Fortnite, even explaining why it simply “isn’t an esport” during one of his Twitch streams.

Strangely, though, Tfue hasn’t been following in the footsteps of other streamers and testing the waters with different games, such as Valorant or Warzone, but it will be interesting to see if he starts dipping his toes elsewhere in the future.