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Tfue explains why Fortnite is the “most unfair” game he’s ever played

Published: 24/Apr/2020 11:27 Updated: 24/Apr/2020 11:33

by Daniel Cleary


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, popular Twitch streamer and pro player, has revealed why he thinks Fortnite is the “most unfair” game he’s ever played during his April 23 broadcast.

Aim assist in Fortnite has been a major point of discussion for competitive players in recent months, with many PC players claiming that it was too easy to abuse the aiming mechanic while using a controller.

Despite quickly becoming one of the biggest streamers on Fortnite, Tfue has never been shy about criticizing Epic Games’ battle royale and voiced his concerns around aim assist on controllers in his latest broadcast.

Epic Games
Tfue has taken aim at one of Fortnite’s most controversial features.

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As with many other content creators, Tfue hopped on Fortnite on April 23 to watch the highly-anticipated Astronomical Event live in-game and once it had ended, he queued for some solo matches to keep his viewers entertained.

However, his solo queuing experience did not go quite as he was hoping and after losing out on a close-range gunfight to a drum gun, Tfue shared his disappointment with the current state of the game.

“This game is so dogsh*t, if I die to one more controller player with a drum gun, I’m loading up Valorant in 2.5 seconds.” he shared, voicing his frustration with controller players and their ability to spam L2 to make the most out of the aim assist feature.


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“Nice sick play, you really outplayed me there,” he said sarcastically, “I’d rather die to an AC130 you know? I’d rather die from a giant missile coming from the sky, it’s the worst.”

Tfue did not stop there, however, later claiming that PC players’ disadvantage was too great and shared the only reason why he was still playing the battle royale.

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“Fortnite is hands down the most unfair game I’ve ever played in my entire life, easily. The only reason I play it is because it used to not be,” he added.


This is not the first time that Tfue has opened up about the “unfairness” of aim assist on controllers and has regularly called on Epic Games to implement nerfs to the feature.