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Tfue encounters weird sniper glitch in Fortnite livestream

Published: 22/Nov/2019 11:36

by Jacob Hale


Top streamer and professional Fortnite player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has encountered a potentially game-ruining sniper glitch while competing in Fortnite’s solo Cash Cup on November 21.

Tfue is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and has been for a while, especially since the departures of Tyler ‘Ninja‘ and Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek to Mixer. That means that whenever he notices an issue in Fortnite, it’s immediately broadcast to tens of thousands of viewers.

That’s exactly what happened while he was streaming the solo Cash Cup tournaments. For those who aren’t aware, these are small online tournaments that allow the best players to compete against each other with money on the line.

Epic GamesFortnite Chapter 2 released in October 2019, with Season 1 extended to February 2020.

While Tfue was streaming the tournament, he was attempting to take down one enemy he had found looting around the sea in the north-east corner of the map when he got shot from a different player.

The opposing player had peeked Tfue to his right, so he pulled out a sniper and lined up a shot on the former FaZe Clan member, appearing to have a perfect shot.

Instead, you see the bullet as good as bounce off of Tfue’s head, with clear signs of impact – but absolutely no damage done to the streamer. Tfue immediately pointed it out, saying: “I just got sniped and it didn’t register.”

Obviously, Tfue chased down and eliminated the one that had shot him, a somewhat unfair fate for a player who should have got the elimination on the Fortnite star.

This is definitely an issue that requires some explanation from developer Epic Games, or someone that knows what they’re talking about. In a general public match, this would be a nuisance, but in a tournament with cash on the line, this could be the difference between making money and leaving empty-handed.

The shot didn’t change Tfue’s luck throughout the rest of the tournament, as he failed to finish even inside the top 300 players by the end of the event.


Corpse Husband shares heartbreaking update on his chronic health condition

Published: 26/Jan/2021 21:02

by Virginia Glaze


The viral YouTube star and music artist known as ‘Corpse Husband’ has shared a grim update on his chronic health condition with his fans, leading to an outpouring of support for the content creator who has taken over the internet.

While Corpse Husband has been on YouTube for some time, he rose to the top of the platform’s ‘Whos’ Who’ in late 2020, becoming known for his deep voice and humorous Among Us streams with other top creators.

Despite his impressive popularity, the YouTuber stated in a January 2 broadcast that he might not be able to continue his career as a full-time entertainer for the long-term.

Corpse cited his chronic illnesses for this potential development, and already limits his broadcasts to one or two streams a week as a result.

(Topic begins at 1:13 in the video below.)

It doesn’t look like the outlook has become any less bleak, either, as he shared a heartbreaking update on his health in a series of tweets via his alternate account a few weeks later.

“I did my needle EMG for my nerve conduction study and got some results that are not good,” he wrote. “I don’t really know how to process it or cope with it. I still want to participate in everything coming up. If I seem off in any upcoming things, that’s why. I don’t really know what to do.”

According to Corpse, the diagnosis is that there is little to no treatment for his nerve condition, with doctors stating he would be in pain without any hope of reprieve throughout his lifetime.

“They probably identified the problem with my arms,” he continued. “They basically told me I’m going to be in pain like this for the rest of my life and that it’s only going to get worse, and there’s not much I can do about it besides relieve it sometimes with injections. Idk.”

Thus far, Corpse has been met with ample support from his fans and fellow creators, with the likes of Pokimane and even Valkyrae wishing him well amid such a devastating diagnosis.

While Corpse has been relatively open about his conditions in the past, this latest update truly brings the matter into perspective — but luckily, he’s got a wealth of supportive friends and fans to help him through it.