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Team Liquid Fortnite Pro ‘Poach’ Defends What He Said About TSM’s ‘Myth,’ But Thinks His Hard Work Will Eventually Pay Off

Published: 30/Aug/2018 1:39 Updated: 30/Aug/2018 2:05

by Albert Petrosyan


Team Liquid’s ‘Poach’ and Team SoloMid’s ‘Myth’ are two of the best Fortnite players in the world, and are consistently invited by Epic Games to participate in the $8 million Summer Skirmish tournament series.

However, while Poach’s performances and placements in the Skirmish have been outstanding, Myth’s results have left a lot to be desired.

When talking about Myth live on stream, Poach made the point that people should stop doubting Myth and criticizing him since many “would give up” if they were in his situation.

When he brought this point up, some called him out for having “roasted” Myth, but the Team Liquid pro defended his comments.

“It’s not a roast that he hasn’t done super well in the Skirmishes. I mean he’s aware of that, it’s placements. But I’m saying it’s the first tournaments, and he puts in a lot more time than most pros, he wants to be the best.”

However, Poach went on to say that he predicts all the hard work and time will eventually pay off for Myth, who is often doubted by members of the competitive Fortnite community.

“The time will pay off if he continues. I’m just saying, he gets a really bad rap from a lot of people who don’t put in the time that he does. You can’t hate on somebody for trying when other people in his situation are not trying nearly hard enough to get better.”

With just one week left in the Summer Skirmish, Myth will hope that its eight time the charm for him to do well and place high. 

However, with Epic Games planning numerous other competitions in the near future, the captain of TSM Fortnite will likely have several chance to prove that he does indeed belong with the best.


Leaked Fortnite skins & cosmetics from Fortnitemares v14.40 update

Published: 21/Oct/2020 10:14

by Calum Patterson


With Halloween taking over in Fortnite, and the return of the Fortnitemares event, there are lots of new skins and variants for players to get their hands on. Thanks to data miners, we have a look at these early, as usual.

This is the third year of Fortnitemares – the annual Halloween event in Fortnite that adds spooky decorations to the map, Zombies and some once-a-year cosmetics.

Midas features prominently, and there are themed skins for him front-and-center, but thanks to leaker HYPEX, we’ve got a complete look at a handful of more cosmetics also coming.

For fans of the classic skeleton skins, Skull Squad, there’s good news, with new variants including Fishtick.

Fortnitemares 2020
Epic Games
Fortnitemares is back!

Leaked Fortnitemares skins

Check out all the leaked skins so far, thanks to reliable leaker HYPEX:

Skull Squad

Punk, Good Doctor, Party Trooper, Head Lock

Ravina, Baba Yaga, Patch

New Midas Skin

Leaked variants

There’s also some skins that we don’t have images for yet, courtesy of @ShiinaBR. These include a Ghost Rider skin and Ghost Busters skin.

We’ll keep you updated with any more skins if they leak, but there’s already lots to get your teeth into with Fortnitemares.