Team Exploit Win Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Tournament Hosted by Ninja and DrLupo – Final Placements


The duo of NateHill and SoaR Funkbomb took home first place at the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite tournament, which was hosted by top streamers Ninja and DrLupo.

The tournament was 90 duos head to the top floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago, to play through the night for a shot at the prize money.

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It was the first major Fortnite event to be run by Red Bull, as part of their new partnership with Ninja, who is sponsored by the energy drink brand.

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The tournament winners netter $1,125 each, which some have noted is a fairly small payout, but it is likely due to the $10,000 limit which Epic Games has imposed on 3rd party tournament organizers.

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Ninja streamed the entire tournament on his personal Twitch channel, attracting consistently over 100,000 concurrent viewers throughout.

Paired up with each other, the competitors would get extra points on the score board for eliminating either Ninja or Lupo, and received standard points for every elimination and victory royale.

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At the end of a long gruelling night of games, the champions were crowned, announced by Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica “JGhosty” Blevins.

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The points system worked as follows:

•  Finish 1st in Game: 10 Points•  Finish 2nd in Game: 9 Points•  Finish 3rd in Game: 8 Points•  Finish 4th in Game: 7 Points•  Finish 5th in Game: 6 Points•  Finish 6th in Game: 5 Points•  Finish 7th in Game: 4 Points•  Finish 8th in Game: 3 Points•  Finish 9th in Game: 2 Points•  Finish 10th in Game: 1 Points•  Elimination of another individual player: 1 Point•  Elimination of Ninja: 5 Points•  Elimination of DrLupo: 5 Points

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Team Exploit narrowly beat out 2nd placed team Retail Rascals by only a single point. Exploit managed 84 points total, Retail Rascals 83 and 3rd placed ‘FearItself on 70.

For teams tying on the same points, a public match was played to determine the winner of the tie-breaker.

Notable esports organization Ghost Gaming finished in 8th place, with Gears of War player ‘Ribs’ teaming up with former pro turned caster ‘Fallout’.

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Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Final Placements

Place Team (Points) Prize
1st Team Exploit (84) $2,250
2nd Retail Rascals (83) $1,000
3rd Team FearItself (70) $750
4th controllernoobs (52) $500
– 4th Nothing 2 Prove (52) $250