SypherPK uncovers Fortnite Cuddle Fish trick to do damage through walls

Tanner Pierce
Epic Games

With the release of Fortnite Season 6, players got a brand-new item to try out called the Cuddle Fish, which deals explosive damage to others. Now, YouTuber SypherPK has shown off a strategy to help fans dominate with the item and even called it “OP.”

While Fortnite added a lot of different game-changing items with Season 6, like bones, mechanical parts, makeshift weapons, and more, players also got a chance to try out a new Cuddle Fish item. While most fish-based items in the past have to deal with health, this one damaged others.

What makes this item even more deadly is that you can set it on the ground and then it will explode when players get near it, similar to C4 and claymores in other shooters. Now, SypherPK has revealed a strategy that some people are employing with the item in the community and it’s pretty deadly.

Epic Games
The strategy in question involves you placing a bunch of cuddle fish on top of a structure and shooting one.

In a brand-new video, the YouTuber shows off just how overpowered the new items can be. Essentially, if an enemy is boxed in with wood or brick walls (meaning they are completely surrounded, including a roof), and then place a bunch of Cuddle Fish on top of it and then shoot one, it can cause “instant-death” as SypherPK calls it.

What’s apparently happening is that the Cuddle Fish that you shoot destroys the first barrier, which then sends a the other ones falling down and explode on the player. As shown in the video, depending on the health of the enemy and the amount of fish that you put down, you can pretty much instantly kill them.

The only downside to this is that it doesn’t seem to work against metal structures, as they are a bit too tough for the Cuddle Fish to get through. That being said, if they are behind wood or even brick, they’re toast.

All in all, it’s a pretty interesting strategy but given how deadly it can be, it may only be a matter of time before Epic nerfs it. Only time will tell if that actually happens, though.