SypherPK shows that traps still have a place in Fortnite with incredible Victory Royale

by David Purcell


SypherPK has proved that traps can still be a game-changer in Fortnite, after using them in a very strategic way to pick up an epic Victory Royale. 


The popular streamer, who creates content for Luminosity gaming, sealed a win by using the spike traps in a very creative way. 

There has been talk about how Epic Games potentially should look at introducing more traps into the game as the current ones have been around for quite some time, but SypherPK's idea to create a trap tower just goes to show that they can still be as deadly as ever. 

Fortnite's spike trap, if used creatively, can create some golden moments on Battle Royale.


The incredible play, which was posted to Reddit on January 13, shows a 1v1 on Fortnite at Titled Towers at the very end of the game. 

His opponent - Elite Agent [344] - tried to hide inside one of the buildings, but with the storm closing in on the pair, Sypher headed towards the bottom of a tall structure which has a jump pad placed at the bottom of it - something he prepared earlier. 


As he jumped inside the tower and landed in the top left corner at the top, to evade all of his traps, the player ran behind him in search of the victory. But, little did they know that the jump pad was going to fire them towards a whole tower's worth of spikes. 

"I haven't seen a kill like this in months" one Reddit user said, with another giving Sypher the title of "trap king" after this brilliant victory.