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SypherPK reveals how to find the Galactus Gun in Fortnite

Published: 15/Sep/2020 9:54

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK has revealed just what you need to do to get your hands on the new “rarest” weapon in Fortnite – the Galactus Gun. 

Just like any other Fortnite season, Epic Games shook up the weapon and loot pool at the start of Chapter 2 Season 4 – though, the Marvel theme for the season means that there are plenty of spicy ways to fight enemies. 

You can wield the powers of heroes like Iron Man and  Thor as well as the villainous Doctor Doom, and Silver Surfer. 

On top of those, as Galactus gets closer and closer to the map – and the impending Nexus War draws closer as well – you can also start to use the power of his minions with the game’s “rarest” weapon. 

Gorger drone in Fortnite
Epic Games
The Gorger drones hold the key to Fortnite’s Galactus Gun.

How to get the Galactus Gun in Fortnite

That’s right, the title of the “rarest” weapon in the current Fortnite season has been taken away from the epic variant of the Light Machine Gun and handed right to the Galactus Gun. 

Why you might ask? Well, as SypherPK explains, you have to get your timing right and hope that the Galactus Drones don’t eliminate you from the game as you’re fighting them. 

If you manage to eliminate one of the smaller drones that are protecting the bigger drone, they will drop a small arm that can be used as a weapon. It doesn’t stick around on the ground for long, but if you’re quick enough, it will take over a spot in your inventory. 

  1. Stay alive until the first circle closes
  2. Look to the sky for a red light and go to where it lands
  3. Fight the Galactus drones that are there
  4. After defeating one of the small drones, quickly grab the Galactus Gun arm before it despawns
  5. You will now have the Galactus Gun to use!

Now, while it might seem pretty easy to get, it’s not. The drones drop some high tier loot – including a gold RPG – so there will be other players fighting them most likely. Plus, you have to get the timing right on picking up the arm or it will despawn. 

If you manage to grab the weapon, you can’t build or swap to a different weapon in your inventory because you will be forced to drop it and then it cannot be picked back up again.


Ali-A reveals unreleased Fortnite skin haunting Weeping Woods

Published: 23/Oct/2020 11:45 Updated: 23/Oct/2020 11:47

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A has shown that the previously leaked Madcap skin looks to be coming soon as a mobile glitch has revealed a strange character ‘haunting’ Weeping Woods. 

Across the different Fortnite seasons and updates, Epic Games have released a vast amount of cosmetics – with fans picking out their favorites and donning them in-game. 

Typically, these skins are leaked ahead of time as leakers are able to decrypt games files that are added to the mix with each new update and patch. Some of these skins never see the light of day, or are held back for quite a while, despite being leaked following a patch. 

One of the skins that falls into this category is the Madcap – a glowing, purple, Mushroom-themed skin. It was leaked quite a while back, and while it hasn’t been available just yet, it looks like it will be pretty soon. 

Fortnite leaked bundles
Epic Games
Each new Fortnite update leaks a whole host of skins.

Popular YouTuber Ali-A pointed out that some Fortnite mobile players on Android had spotted the outline of a skin sitting around in Weeping Woods. 

The character that seems to be ‘haunting’ the POI, is stood under a tree with their arms crossed. However, it’s not colorful. Instead, it’s a blacked-out silhouette – almost as if it’s going to be added soon, but is showing up as a visual glitch in-game. 

Ali-A noted that the character is most definitely Madcap because of the shape of the head, and given that he’s hanging around Weeping Woods, there might be a challenge or quest line involved with unlocking the skin.

Timestamp of 3:48

Even though the YouTuber’s speculation seems pretty spot on, there’s no telling if he’s right just yet because Epic Games hasn’t announced anything. 

It could very well be that, as Fortnitemares unfolds, the skin will finally be available through the item shop and there are also challenges in Weeping Woods to unlock skin styles. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.