SypherPK outlines major changes Fortnite needs if no-building mode stays

sypherpk fortniteSypherPK/Epic Games

Twitch star SypherPK explained some changes Epic Games could bring to no-building Fortnite that would help its long-term success.

Fortnite has seen a massive influx of new and returning players since Epic Games made the drastic decision to remove building from the game.

OG’s of the shooter, like Ninja, have returned, along with long-time doubters of the game, like Dr Disrespect, who completely changed his mind on the Battle Royale after the changes.

Although many players and streamers are enjoying the no-building mode, SypherPK explained that if Epic wants these changes to be permanent they’ll have to make some major improvements.

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SypherPK educational fortnite videosYouTube: SypherPK
SypherPK has over 5.5 million followers on Twitch.

SypherPK wants no-building changes in Fortnite

The 25-year-old streamer put out a video on March 24 titled, “The End of Building” where he revealed his thoughts on Epic’s changes to the game.

While he celebrated the new infusion of players into the game, he pointed out some problems that removing building has presented.

“In its current state, without building, there are some things that feel missing from the game. The map, and the concept of Fortnite, is so designed around building. There are hills and buildings you can’t really travel up without builds, and the utility in the current loot pool, there’s not enough items to justify zero builds.”

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Sypher pointed to the lack of a bubble shield and grappler in the current version of Fortnite, and said the game could benefit from the return of some of these utility items.

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He also said that removing building permanently would be a “death sentence” for competitive Fortnite, and make it “very boring” for players overall.

Despite that, Sypher said he was “shocked” at how much he’s enjoyed no-building Fortnite as much as he has.

He capped off the video with his final verdict on the changes: “I think in its current state it’s not ready, but I think Fortnite and Epic should look into improving it and making it a more permanent part of the game.”

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