SypherPK explains why Storm’s Whirlwind is best Fortnite Marvel ability

Storm in Fortnite and SypherPKEpic Games / Twitter: SypherPK

Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan is a big fan of Storm’s Whirlwind Blast ability in Fortnite, labeling the new Marvel mythic the best item in the game because of its offensive and defensive capabilities.

Storm’s Whirlwind Blast is one of the latest Marvel mythic abilities to be added into Fortnite. It can be found in the Stark drones dotted across the map. While it might seem innocuous at first glance, it actually has a lot of power packed into it.

The ability lets players spin into the air, knocking enemies back. However, it can do a lot more than just that, as SypherPK has demonstrated.

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Storm in FortniteEpic Games
Storm’s new mythic, Whirlwind Blast, might be the best Marvel item in Fortnite.

Storm can use her abilities to reflect all kinds of projectiles, enemies, and even vehicles. However, it can block a deceptively large number of other Marvel mythic abilities too.

She can use it to dodge Dr. Doom’s Arcane Gauntlet, and even Thor’s Mjolnir hammer strike. It blocks every single ability in the game but one ⁠— the Unibeam. Keep this in mind, as a well-timed Whirlwind can keep you in the battle.

It’s more than just an ability that can be used to stop incoming fire though. About to take fall damage? Pop the Whirlwind near the end of your drop, and you’ll negate all the fall damage.

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The Whirlwind is also incredibly effective in build fights. As Sypher describes it, while most mechanics benefit the player when they are playing against worse enemies, the Whirlwind can be used to outsmart opponents that are better than you.

“You can bait your opponent into falling for the storm fall damage. This works the best against good players, which is really cool, because usually these tricks work the best against bad players, but this works the best against good players who are willing to build fight you,” he said.

He does this by building up high, then as the enemy comes to contest his box, he pops the Whirlwind, sending them off into the distance and falling off the build, making for an easy elimination.

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The Whirlwind also temporarily disarms opponents, giving you a chance to get the first shot, which is always crucial if they do survive the fall.

With all these small little tricks, they add up into one powerful ability. However, Storm’s Whirlwind might not be the best item for long. With more Marvel mythic abilities being released regularly, it might not be long until another item takes its place at the top of Fortnite.

For now though, if you find one, you should definitely look at using it.