SypherPK explains why Fortnite Season 6 updates need to make major changes

. 1 year ago
SypherPK and a Fortnite character with two guns
YouTube: SypherPK/EpicGames

Fortnite star SypherPK has called on Epic Games to bring back the quality updates and slow down on cosmetic crossovers in Season 6, as fans want fresh changes to the battle royale.

Over the last few years, Epic Games has blazed a trail in the battle royale market with the crossovers between Fortnite and pop culture. The battle royale has had music concerts, Super Bowl parties, and even movie showings in the last few months. 

Fortnite Season 5 has been all about the crossovers between the battle royale and different games, focusing mainly on the cosmetics side of things rather than adding new items. 

The previous season was a crossover season with Marvel, however, that introduced weapons and mechanics like superpowers – giving the game some quality updates. Sypher wants more of that when Season 6 rolls around, rather than just cosmetics. 

Master Chief from Halo at the Hunter's Haven POI in Fortnite
Epic Games/Microsoft
Fortnite Season 5 has been all about crossovers – as we’ve seen God of War, Halo, and more.

During his March 7 video, Sypher noted that the crossovers help Fortnite stand out – given that no one else is really following suit. Though, the recent updates haven’t been all that meaningful. 

“Hopefully, in Season 6, I definitely want to see this slow down just a little bit,” Sypher said about the crossovers.  “I still want the collaborations, I think it’s time to shift the focus back towards the updates around the game. 

“I think it’s time for us to get back to really, really quality fortnite updates that change the gameplay – new items, new weapons, map changes – significant stuff like that.”

The Fortnite star noted that while changing the weapon pool with vaulted weapons is cool, players want fresh stuff and new ideas, rather than just nostalgia for the season gone by – though that this welcome in portions. 

He also added that Chapter 2, Season has been “solid” but a return to the other updates is much-needed. 

It remains to be seen as to what Epic has in store for Season 6, though there are rumors that it’ll be another Season 4 Marvel-like crossover, this time with DC Comics.

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