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SypherPK explains how to find Fortnite Season 4’s “rarest” weapon

Published: 4/Sep/2020 13:42

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK has revealed the “rarest” weapon in Season 4 and what you need to do to get your hand on it. 

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, the battle royale was engulfed in the theme of Marvel and it’s Nexus War between Thor and Galactus. 

On top of many of Marvel’s most popular heroes descending on the battle royale island, Epic Games shook things up with the return of some classic weapons as well as some new points of interest for fans to explore. 

While many players have already got to grips with what the new season has on offer, there could be a shakeup if they follow SypherPK’s recommendation of trying to grab the “rarest” weapon in the game. 


Fortnite marvel superheros sitting at table
Epic Games
Some of Marvel’s most iconic characters have descended on Fortnite.

How to get Fortnite Season 4’s purple LMG

That weapon you ask? Well, it’s the epic variant of the Light Machine Gun, or LMG. The powerful weapon was initially introduced back in the v3.5.2 patch and has been in and out of Fortnite since. 

In Season 4, the only way to get it is at Doom’s Domain. Now, unlike Dr. Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets and Mystical Bomb, you don’t have to defeat the Fantastic 4 villain. 

Instead, you just have to take down the guards that are patrolling outside of the vault that sits under the soccer pitch at the POI. Take them down and at least one of them should drop the LMG. There is also an epic Tac SMG that could drop too. 


  1. Land at Doom’s Domain 
  2. Head to the vault under the half-opened soccer pitch
  3. Defeat the guards
  4. Pick up the LMG and enjoy!

Given that Doom’s Domain is a popular spot anyway, you may face some stiff competition for the LMG. Even if you don’t, and enemies let you get by them, you do also have to worry about the mythical superpowers raining down from above. 

The weapon is also, apparently, found inside Rare Chests but you can guarantee one at Doom’s Domain. Just be careful no one beats you to it.